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The first Tintamar boutique opens in Paris

Just before its tenth birthday, Tintamar, the makers of  Intelligent Daily Bags, open their first boutique in Paris, at 105 rue de Rennes in the 6th arrondissement. The concept is novel: in a bright 25 sq. metre space, interactive iPad terminals enable the customer to discover the 3 product universes:  Easy Living, Easy Travel and Easy Leisure. When the customer selects a product, the transparent display in which it is stored lights up and a salesperson presents the functionalities of the selected bag. Designed in collaboration with the Depack architectural design agency in Bordeaux, the concept combines state-of-the-art technology, transparent materials and wood, all in the brand’s signature red colour.

The opening of our first boutique is an important milestone for us. It is taking place at the time when we are reinforcing our positioning on bags (expanding on the leather goods market) with the launch of three collections. We design innovative bags in line with lifestyle habits in France and internationally, and our boutique was designed with innovation, audacity and style in mind.