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Tintamar: makers of scrumptious bags

For summer 2013, I have made a “gourmand” collection, just for you!

But what does “gourmand” mean?

According to the Larousse dictionary, “gourmand” means

  • noun– someone who is heartily interested in good food
  • adj.- to be partial to, fond of something
  • adj.– to be keen on, have a passion for

Well our collection is all of that at once!

It is with great passion that we chose the materials for and determined the textures of our products: all boast sweetness, softness and lightness with a dash of crunchiness, just like macaroons.

Ingredients list: smooth washed lamb leather, silky nylon, crisp cotton and velvety silicone.

We then chose the moulds for these new sweets and it didn’t take us very long: mini-bags like mini-cupcakes or more generous shapes for even more pleasure.

Then we carefully prepared our colours and flavours, sweet and slightly regressive, taking us all the way back to when we were children drooling in front of the sweets display at the baker’s.

So as Epicurus said: “make haste to succumb to temptation before it departs”