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  1. There is no way to write about science without doing hands-on research. I have performed every experiment in my books. When you do something, you get ideas. That's the basis of empirical research. Recently, I've been reading Isaac Newton's Optics. My optical engineer son, Josh, is making me a version of Newton's "crucial experiment" with prisms and lenses so I can show, first hand, how Newton's insights are not only from imagination but from hands-on experiments.

  2. The Japanese have royally screwed themselves. They really need nuclear energy (they have little to no indigenous fossil resources), and now, because they did not take proper precautions, they may not be able to use it. It's a little surprising they would be in this situation.

  3. Räjähtelee ihan omia aikojaan! Ensimmäisellä kerralla tosiaan posahti polttimon lisäksi taatusti myös johto, kun lampun sammuessa näytti sohvalle siltä, että eteisen sulakekaapissa välähti jotain sinistä valoa.. Hmm. Että jännitystä elämään, siis! Toivottavasti kolmas kerta nyt toden sanoisi.. Hirmu mielelläni haluaisin tuonnäköistä valoa juuri tuolla paikalla pitää.

    1. Eagle dit :

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    2. Reggie dit :

      No more s***. All posts of this qutliay from now on

    3. But they replaced all kinds of awesome characters with Wiggler, Honey Queen, and Metal Mario… I’m fine with Wiggler, Honey Queen was a true mistake, and I think the Metal Cap should be a power-up, not a seperate character… but it is fun to use him.

  4. well,u r rite..farmland poriddge steamboat very nice…there r 2 branches along jalan pudu…the new 1 is near the pudu post office there,the shop is next to a hotel.i prefer go to the new branch bcos there r lots of car park next to the hotel.there r no much car park around the main branch especially during peak hour.

    1. Daisy dit :

      # mas joyoDari mana anda tahu kitab suci itu bukan turun dari Tuhan ?. Kalo mas dah tahu jawabannya, saya kasih jawaban berikutnya yah &#i8s0;p2s3s bro..!!!

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    1. Blue dit :

      I agree we should never forget Alex Chilton, but judging from your photograph caption "Alex Chilton. The Man/The Legend. 1905&2000.-quot; it appears you may have accidentally forgotten the last ten years of Alex Chilton.

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    1. Sukey dit :

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      You can’t write a script for a reality TV show better than this. PS: Mr. Zisman, I wasn’t there but why should the Mayor’s shed be treated any differently than any one else’s. Congratulations to you! Who knows, perhaps that’s were all the bodies are buried. Or it’s where Mr, Mayor sleeps hanging upside down. Maybe the zoning inspector should take a look.

  10. Jodi dit :

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